Prayers for Strong Health

To face this pandemic first pray for strong health; for yourself and does you love. Regardless of faith and religious afflictions, prayers work. We can overcome this uncertainty together. It is a blessing sure to follow you from this life and after. #HappyHealing … Read More Prayers for Strong Health

Practice Self-care

Invest in your health the same way you invest in your financial future. The Business of Balance is taking care of yourself in a way that does not require you to “indulge” in order to restore balance. It is making the commitment to stay healthy and balanced as a regular practice. Balance is leadership discipline. Your lens to the world is hugely influenced by how well you are and how good you feel. The recipe for Self-care is creating an environment that is specific to your needs. Self-care is being aware that despite challenges, we all could use a break. … Read More Practice Self-care