Steps to Con·fi·dent

Nadia Jalloh

Self-confidence is not something you learn overnight. Everything you think, say and do affect your confidence and self-esteem. To establish self-confidence, you must be willing to take control of your life and whatever is holding you back. If you have a setback, do not let it get the best of you. Overcoming the obstacles and challenges you face daily transforms you. Always remember to believe in the validation of yourself before you take any validation from society.

Five (5) Steps to Confidence

  1. Know yourself
  2. Set limitations
  3. Provide words of encouragements
  4. Stay positive
  5. Be humble


Published by Nadia Jalloh

As I make the transition to adulthood I have only one question, "Who is Nadia Jalloh?" Over the years, I’ve been doing some self-discovery of my own. I’ve met some amazing people, and I continue to learn from ever source I can. I love how things present themselves in my life. I appreciate every bit of energy flowing in the essence of who I becoming. With that being said it’s time to ignite my fire and share my experiences, what I see, hear, wear, taste, and learn moving forward into my my world. I hope you Enjoy! #EmbraceAttitude Instagram: @AttitudeEmbraceYourUniqueness

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