Golden Gala


A few months back I told myself I wasn’t going to do anything else with fashion; however,  we all know that I can’t do that since I secretly love them. I love being involved whether it is attending a fashion show or being involved in one. It is different being the observer. You start to notice how all the fashion shows have the same structure and ideas. My secret love  became boring; I would  observe the  same old walk and runway. I craved  something different that gave our relationship a little spontaneity.  This is when the GOLDEN GALA came to livening things up.

Golden Gala is an event to celebrate Ghana’s 58th Independent founded by Fredrick Author. The event occurred on Saturday,  March 7th 2015. It was held at the Sunset room at the National Harbor. The featured designers included Yaw Boateng, Annateiko, and Bernan Doll, the jewelry designer included UniquebyReelia. I was obsessed with all the  garments I was able to wear. What made this Fashion Show so different from the rest, besides being coordinated by the AMAZING Jacqueline Lumax, the fashion Director, Rita Drayton the female coordinator, Konan Cedric Coffi , the male Model Coordinator, was the message, runway style, and hard work behind it. There were a few mishaps, but nothing the team couldn’t fix with all fashions shows not everything will go as planned.

Ghana is known for its dynasties and class, so it was only right to bring forth an event that exudes class and sophistication and culture thru music, fashion, food, comedy, dance, etc. This was just some of the many talents used to showcase how beautiful Ghana is and all it has to offer. Not only was the event fun, but we had a great team of people involved. I met a lot of great minds that day, I learned quite a few things, and tasted some foods that weren’t so welcoming. Here are a few behind the scenes. After a long day eventful day I couldn’t wait to be home with a nice cup of hot tea, my laptop, and my blanket,  watching all the amazing fashions shows highlight setting dressed up for events.


Published by Nadia Jalloh

As I make the transition to adulthood I have only one question, "Who is Nadia Jalloh?" Over the years, I’ve been doing some self-discovery of my own. I’ve met some amazing people, and I continue to learn from ever source I can. I love how things present themselves in my life. I appreciate every bit of energy flowing in the essence of who I becoming. With that being said it’s time to ignite my fire and share my experiences, what I see, hear, wear, taste, and learn moving forward into my my world. I hope you Enjoy! #EmbraceAttitude Instagram: @AttitudeEmbraceYourUniqueness

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