Urban Meets Tribal

I want to influence girls to embrace their natural beauty, go less makeup in public. That was one of the various massages I wanted to put into place in this shot. When taking pictures it is crucial for me to embrace my natural elements. Tobi some how captured everything, he is filled with such phenomenal gifts. He is the most fun, down to earth best person to shoot with. We would always call each other by various funny names that if someone over hears our convo they will think we were brothers and sisters. You can talk to him about just about anything, from business plans, dealing with the stocks, relationships, to what foods you had last night for dinner, this guy is all ears and advice.

Can’t ever go wrong with neutral natural elements and tons of texture. What I love about the shot was, no idea was too big, small or crazy, just go with the flow. We wasn’t scared to get down and dirty (lol). Preferably me, I am the village girl. I don’t mind few cuts and bruises. I was so determined, to every pretty girl, their is an ugly side. You all have no idea how much fun I had working with Tobi.All that was missing was my Tea☕️

I only shooting with the best of the best! Book your shoot today with Tobi!

Check out his Tumblr: http://heytobsphotography.tumblr.com
Email Address: odukoat@yahoo.com
Twitter: @HeyTobs
Instagram: @Heytobs
Shoot w/ Tobi















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